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    Fire Water Monitor for Baichengheng Wood Company Plant

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          Guangxi Baicheng Henglin Forestry Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 40,000 cubic meters of blockboard. The project address: Longzan Industrial Park, Zhongtai Industrial Park, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
    Project cost: 25 million yuan, building area: 76,200 square meters.

          Junxunpu fire fighting water monitor manufacturer designed 26 sets of fire water monitors for the plant, 3 terminal water test devices, and the installation height is about 8 meters. The pipeline adopts the method of loop pipe + branch pipe. On-site commissioning will be carried out in October 2019. The control mode is six sets of control panels, which are one controls four fire monitors, one control panel which is one control three, and two control panels which are one control one.
          Problems encountered during installation:
    The customer found that when a one-control-four control panel was connected to three water monitors, the three water monitors communicated normally, and when another terminal was connected, one of the water monitors did not communicate.
    Solution: After inspection, the addresses of the three water monitors connected by the customer are addresses 2, 3, and 4, and the address of the end water test device is also the address 3. There is a duplication of addresses, because the water monitors are routed on the top. In order to summarize, it is difficult to change the address of the water cannon, so the address at the end was changed to address 1. Problem solved!

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