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    Real site debugging of pskd30 remote control fire water monitor

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        Yanshan coal mine is a fully enclosed coal mine with a height of more than 20 meters and an arc-shaped steel structure warehouse. First to check the installation situation. Because the coal mine is relatively large and the installation height is high, we can only start with the on-site control panel. From the perspective of the wiring, the location of the on-site control panel is relatively standard. It is fixed at a height of 1.5 meters on the ground. There are only two sets of wires in the field control panel of the electric fire water monitor. One set of power cords is routed using RVS twisted-pair wires, and is 20 galvanized threaded pipes for connection. Because there are only two sets of lines, the lines are relatively simple and the customer's wiring is very standardized.
    In addition, the wiring of the electric valve is directly connected from the lead wire of the water monitor to the electric valve. There are relatively few wires, only about 2 meters. Use an elevated truck on site and raise it to the vicinity of the water monitor. Check that the line is connected normally. Then use a multimeter to measure the condition of the circuit, and use the resistance file to check that there is no short circuit or open circuit.
    After the test is completed, the power-on test can be started. After power-on, the on-site control panel will flash the communication indicator, which is normal, indicating that the on-site wiring is relatively strict.

    Demonstrated to customers the self-swing function of the electronically controlled fire water monitor, and the customer feedback at the same time that this function is relatively rare in China. When spraying, the self-swinging function is added, so the spraying area is larger. This is for the coal that needs mist spraying. It is more practical to use PSKD30 electric control fire water monitors in the field.
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